PLAN 1- A COMPREHENSIVE PROGRAM which covers all repair parts, travel and labor for a selected number of visits. All preventative maintenance, PM parts and electronic calibrations are preformed at manufactures recommended intervals. This program is an extended warranty covered by company only. If this plan is accepted, the initial visit will  consist of a thorough inspection of your equipment Repairs required to bring equipment up to manufacture's specifications at the time of this initial visit will be additional.   PLAN 2 - This program includes a pre-selected number of Scheduled preventative maintenance visits, which include all PM parts, labor and calibrations. Repair parts and labor are not included in this program and would be charged additionally. THIS IS OUR MOST POPULAR PLAN

PLAN 3- This program verifies that the unit under test is operation within manufacture's specifications and is electrically safe. Minor unit calibrations, internal cleaning and inspection is included. PM parts as well as repair parts and labor would be extra.

PLAN 4 - A Maintenance Program which is "Tailor Made" to the customers needs. This program can include any combination  to fit your requirements and department budgets. 


Some examples of what our Preventative Maintenance and Repair Programs Include

Preventive Maintenance

  1. Complete unit inspection internally and externally, and cleaning.

  2. Replacement of all PM Parts as recommended by the manufacturer.

  3. Complete testing and calibration of unit electronic assemblies.

  4. Complete testing and calibration of unit pneumatic assemblies.

  5. Stress testing of unit for manufactures specifications.

  6. Regularly scheduled service as recommended by manufacture and / or Joint Commission criteria.

  7. Perform unit operational verification procedures to manufactures specifications.

  8. Provided customer a PM book with test results and documentation broken down by unit s/n to meet Joint Commission recommendations.


  1. Upon your call for service we will respond to you within 4 hours.

  2. We will first try to troubleshoot the unit on the phone to save you the service call expense.

  3. We will be on site to service the unit within 48 hours of your call.

  4. If we cannot repair the unit in 48 hours, we will offer you a free loaner vent until your unit is repaired (limited areas).

  5. We will provide you with the cost and documentation of the repair.

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